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Blue Pearl Supreme Eye Collection

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Ocean’e cosmetics caters to those who want to look and feel at their best. It is the perfect combination of pearls, also known as jewels from the ocean, cutting-edge marine plant stem technology, and the mystic powers of the deep blue ocean, all known for their age-defying and beautifying benefits.

Product Description

Ocean’e cosmetics caters to those who want to look and feel at their best. It is the perfect combination of pearls, also known as jewels from the ocean, cutting-edge marine plant stem technology, and the mystic powers of the deep blue ocean, all known for their age-defying and beautifying benefits. Welcome to the experience of OCEANE: Body. Mind. Soul

The Oceane Blue Pearl Collection is specifically formulated to target the sensitive area around the eyes. This collection is designed to reduce visible signs of puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet, and other signs of premature aging such as lines and wrinkles around the eye area. The Oceane Blue Pearl Collection is comprised of our Eye Cream, Eye Serum, and the exclusive Eye Line Corrector.

Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Nancy Baker
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I have been using bkue diamond eye care for 3 years now and I love it! (Posted on 2/25/2018)
I was out shopping at the Spokane Valley Mall. I founD your product by chance. I had never heard of it but i was impress by the quick results with your wht pearl Product...II thought it expensive but couldnt resist buying when i saw/Felt results. I have s Review by Rina
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Love, love your product and well worth the price (Posted on 6/9/2016)
love..Love the prdduct Review by alexandrina Brookbank
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Ii have been using the TURQUOISE pearl instant face lift MASK.i have used so many other brands and this by far is the best. It WORKS QUICKly to remove the puffiness under my eyea. I've had so many COMPLAINTS since I started using your product (Posted on 3/18/2016)
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I AM 68 YRS OLD AND FEEL LIKE 29 NOW. SHARON (Posted on 3/18/2016)
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Finding your products was a fluke. had a little time on my hands at the denver airport before a flight. I was blown away with the results. I have regular beauty treatments at a spa. after an application on one side of my face, i was relieved to have had the time to correct the other side. right out of the containers i saw incredible results. many thanks! (Posted on 3/18/2016)
Quickly noticable results - ongoing imporvement! Review by Terry Eifert
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Found your oceane at a Product show.
have used eye serum for several months, definitely noticeable results for lines under eyes, ongoing improvement
Have reordered blue pearl eye serum a 2nd time as well as moisturizer - very rich!
Love both products. (Posted on 3/16/2016)
great Review by cathyl.johnson
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great (Posted on 3/16/2016)
Love the product Review by Amanda Salazar
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I have the faCe peel and absolutely love it. It makes my face soft and clean. Would love to try more of your product. (Posted on 3/16/2016)
Great product. Review by Terry rohwer
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I use several of your products and they are everything they promise. so much better than
going under the knife, to be made to feel youthful, and vibrant. I love the way my skin looks
and feels. I am so glad I found your products. Thank you (Posted on 3/16/2016)
have been usintg produore firm and the linescts and can notice a visible difference Review by Kay Kleckner
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Purchased the blue Eye Serum and cream two weeks ago. My skin around my eyes seems more firm and the lines appear to have diminished somewhat. ThUs far I am so happy with the products. Thank you. (Posted on 3/16/2016)
Fantastic Review by J
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Fantastic (Posted on 3/16/2016)
For your eyes only Review by Lynda Witek
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I've been using two products for my eyes for about a month now and i'm very happy. The products
I'm using are blue pearl eye serum & turquoise
Pearl instant facelift maSk. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Amazing product!!!! Review by Margie helmholdt
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I was walking through the airport in Denver and this nice guy asked me if he could show me This product. GeneraLly i avoid these sale type promotions but this one blew me away. I was coming off a four day trip in Colorado where i experienced alot of stress and little sleep. My eyes were puffy from crying over a falling out with a relative. He put this product under my eyes and to my amazement the puffiness disappeared!! Wow! Im convinced this is a great prduct!!! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Left my skin clean and silky smooth. Review by Michelle moody
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Thank you I feel younger with flawless skin (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Left my skin clean and silky smooth. Review by Michelle moody
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I received your face cleaner product and it has left my face feeling clean and fresh thank you so much (Posted on 3/15/2016)
What a great product Review by Irene Beall
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I have been using the blue pearl eye collection for 4 months . Improvement continues on the lines around the eyes and puffiness. People are saying I finally look rested! I am 70 years young and now my face reflects the younger age I feel. My favorite? all of it!!!!! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
love this eye product Review by Joanna nagle
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Wonderful product and it really does wonders to your skin.I have noticed the difference immediately and I would recommend this to anyone.it is a superior product compared to other brands that i have tried. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
AWesome! Review by Jolanta kulig
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I bought blue pearl eye serum In vegas. Spent a lot on it but it was worth! Very good product! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Very good! Really worth to buy it! Review by Jolanta Kulig
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I've been still using blue pearl eye serum. It's much better than Other companies' similar products! Thank you! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Puffiness disappearing Review by Pamela grossman
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Great stuff. Works pretty fast (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Eye cream Review by Susannah
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I had a wonderful experience with a nice young lady in the mall who was so kind to make me feel young again ... Thank you (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Love,how my eyes look Review by Staci young
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Love the eye products. Noticeable difference in my dark circles and over all completion looking better each day (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Fantastic! Review by Lisa Scates
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All their eye productsd work miracles!!! (Posted on 3/15/2016)
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i am currently using these products and have noticed a big difference in my complexion. thanks (Posted on 3/11/2016)
Eye collection Review by Kim
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Immediate Results and worth Every dollar! (Posted on 3/9/2016)
Awesome Product Review by Cindi jackson
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Results are instant and the more I use it the better my eyes look. I recommend this product to everyone. Great for reducing dark circles and fine lines under and around the eyes. Cost is a bit high but when you consider your are getting enough to last 2 years, then it does not seem too bad. Everyone should try this product. (Posted on 3/9/2016)
WOW! Review by Barbara Maclean
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A rep at a home show booth applied the turquoise facial mask under my eyes. Didn't see much difference because excess product was crinkled and dried on my skin so left without purchasing.. When I returned home several hours later and could remove excess was surprised at the difference. The following morning was when I really noticed a wonderful difference. Dark circles under eye were gone as well as bags. Can't afford it at the prices shown on website but would have bought it at the show prices. (Posted on 3/7/2016)
a literal lift in a serum Review by mary Jo Jeffrey
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This serum and product line erases fine lines and tightens the skin around my eyes. I turn 70 next week at that's a very big accomplishment that this product provides (Posted on 3/4/2016)
Very impressive! Review by Susan E.
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After having used tHe products for a only a couple of weeks, my first impressions are very positve. I am aleady noticing benefits! (Posted on 3/3/2016)
vacation look on a daily basis! Review by Hope Muller
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I purchased my first set of blue pearl supreme eye collection while on vacation in singapore in september of 2015. i had sags and crow's feet and a vanity filled with eye creams and moisturizers that didn't work. after being introduced the blue pearl, and waiting 24 hours, and went right back to the shop and bought the collection. i use it two or three times a week and the sags are gone, and the crow's feet are now tiny lines. i love the way my eyes look, and how I don't look tired all the time. i was ready to start interviewing plastic surgeons, now i don't need one. (Posted on 3/3/2016)
It realky seems to work Review by Renee wAgenberg
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Been usung the priduct for two months Now (Posted on 3/3/2016)
This product performs!!! Review by Celeste
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this product has really made a difference to my eyes. The lines are minimized and the skin around my eyes looks healthier. A little goes a long way. Love it!!! (Posted on 3/2/2016)
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THE FINE lines around my eyes disappeared only a few seconds after applying the eye cream. Glad I found Oceane!

(Posted on 3/2/2016)
very impressed Review by stacy ming
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a rep stopped me as I was shopping last weekend and introduced me to the line. i instantly noticed an improvement. of course i purchased the set. (Posted on 3/2/2016)
10 Review by Wiveca Klar
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I'm from Sweden and bought my products in Miami in January and is incredibly happy! Eye serum is wonderful, it has swollen under his eyes, it removes it within minutes! Do not forget all the other products! Fantastic! (Posted on 3/2/2016)
I love this line Review by Max R
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best eye treatment in the market right now !
I'm in love with the feeling of it ! (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Its fantastic, Review by Jeanette berglund
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It really does miracle to your skin, Looking youger again (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Fuve star rating absolutely great product! Review by Randi Berman
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WouLd recomend to anyone looking to have a youthfUl
Glowing appearance (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Excellent product Review by Katrina Potter
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The eye collection is great. I felt and saw results instantly. Hhowevet, the cost is outrageous. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Love producct Review by Staci young
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I lI've these priducts, I see results and feel thst I am preventing more aging. Love that it's natural . (Posted on 3/1/2016)
I¨m very glad that i bought this product Review by patricia heredia
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I¨m very glad my daughter bought this product. i didn¨t believe at first, but after i aply, it was great, i will recommend to my Friends. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Great product! Review by Cara
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I bought this product as a gift for my mom's 50th birthday. She's been using it for a few weeks now and the results are amazing! definitely worth 5 stars! (Posted on 3/1/2016)
This is the best eye cream out there! Review by Susan s
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This the best cream by far that I have ever used. I highly recommend it. I know it's pricey, however I rather spend more on something that works. I have a graveyard drawer of eye creams that were cheaper but were worthless and if you combined the $ of all the products -was a lot money I wasted. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Excellent picture Review by Diane maher
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Best eye cream I have every used, removed the wrinkles shortly after beginning usage. Although a little expensive, I cannot afford to reorder this product. Thank you. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
I'm absolutely amazed by the this eye serum and cream! never seen anything like it! Review by steve S.
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I was not a BELIEVER of a products that sales in all the malls is really that good and no one is talking ABOUT it (perhaps due to the price) but for me it was not an ISSUE after seeing how i look like after applying it - i am and will recommend to everyone i know BECAUSE everyone should know about this product!

Bought in San FRANCISCO center.
Steve S. (Posted on 3/1/2016)

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