Between the harsh, cold temperatures outside and heaters blasting inside, our skin can have a hard time adjusting to the elements. These colder months can be very harsh on our skin. Instead of just putting on extra moisturizer, just follow these tips on switching up your skincare routine for this time of the year.


Incorporate New Products

We are all pretty guilty of keeping the same skincare routine year round, but there are many benefits that you will notice when you start to make tiny tweaks when the season changes. Instead of doing a complete skincare overhaul, try adding a few “holy grail” products that helps your skin through the season.


Stay Hydrated

During the summer it is easy to remember to carry a water bottle around because it is so HOT out. But we must also remember that keeping up our water intake is just as important in the colder months. We may not be sweating but our body is losing water. We all know that dehydrated skin looks scaly and dull but you can help combat your skin’s water withdrawals by refilling that water glass and finding a cute humidifier to add to your night stand. They keep moisture in the air, helping ensure you wake up with soft and supple skin.


Focus On Your Whole Body

 We tend to focus on our faces when it comes to the skincare department, but taking a whole body approach to skincare is essential during the changing seasons! Try stocking your nightstands with these winter favorites!

  • Our lips need a lot of care during the colder months and the best time to heal and moisturize them deeply is at night.
  • Add a little luxury to your skincare by adding moisturizing socks or gloves while you sleep.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your body too, not just your face. In the shower try lathering up with the OCEANE Salt Scrub and finish with the OCEANE Body Butter to combat the tight dry feeling that sometimes happens with after shower skin.


Take Care Of Yourself From The Inside Out

Our nutritional habits usually start to slip in the winter and we start eating all the comfort food. While it’s most definitely about balance, nutrition habits can easily slip in the winter as we’re swapping out salads for Santa’s cookies.

When you can, try to remember to work in super foods like salmon, olive oil, and leafy greens that offer key vitamins and the fatty acids that help keep our skin supple.

Use SPF!

This one is the oldest rule in the book! You should be keeping up with this part of your summer routine that is essential year round. The cold weather can make us believe that we do not need to apply sunscreen regularly. Believe it or not but we can get winter sunburns (probably from a ski trip) and that can add up to serious chapping. To protect your skin year round, find a product that you can work into your beauty routine without having to think too hard about it.


Manage Your Stress

The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. The winter brings on the endless cocktail and holiday parties, which can leave little to no downtime for ourselves. When become stressed that can lead to acne. If your skin is one of the first places stress shows up, be sure to do whatever personal hobby that winds you down.