Since autumn is coming to an end and cold weather is rushing in, those long summer nights and sun-kissed skin start to become a distant memory. Just because you will be trading in your swimsuit for a heavy winter coat doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your summer skin as well. Here are some tips for keeping that summer glow all season long!



Always Drink Water!

During the colder months, you may forget to hydrate your body since you don’t sweat as much when walking outside. The air tends to dry out your skin even more during the winter months and can cause dry, red, and flaky skin unless you take matters into your own hands. Even though our body temps may stay cool, it is very important to drink plenty of liquids because cold air doesn’t contain much moisture. You may not be thirsty for water, but you can incorporate liquids into your diet. Eating soup is a great option for you during the winter. Not only will it fill you up and keep you warm, it also hydrates you. 


Think About What You Eat

We all know that keeping a balanced diet is important for our overall health, but consuming certain foods can target specific health concerns. There are certain foods that promote heart health and lower cholesterol, there are also foods that are good for your skin too. Blueberries, for example are great for repairing damaged skin and fighting off acne, while green tea helps sooth inflammation.



To maintain your natural glow, exfoliating your skin is one of the best things you can do. Sometimes dead skin cells that have already shed remain on the surface of your skin and that can lead to a rough and dull appearance. If you neglect to clear away these dead cells that can lead to oily skin and clogged pores. Try the OCEANE Beauty Collagen Pink Pearl Mask to absorb any excess oils and removes dead skin. You will notice a big difference in your complexion.

For a whole body glow, you can add body scrubs such as, OCEANE Beauty Souff le Body Scrub to your routine while in the bath or shower. And be weary of extremely hot temperatures since hot water can have a very drying effect on the skin. 



To achieve an amazing glow, it is important to remember to moisturize. Apply OCEANE’s Body Butter after your shower in the morning and keep a small hand lotion with you to use throughout the day. If you have extra dry or sensitive skin, try wearing a type of gloves or socks that specializes in moisturizing to lock in the moisture. This will help maintain the moisture while you are sleeping with your socks.



Not too many realize that one of the quickest ways to care for your cold weather skin us to get eight hours of sleep at night. All of our bodies need time to rest and reset for the upcoming day. We don’t always get extra time because of our hectic schedules during the holidays, but make sure that you are getting a full nights rest. You will not only wake up refreshed, sleep is important for your overall health. 


Protect Your Skin

Whenever you are outside make sure that you have a scarf, hat and a pair of gloves when you are going out into the harsh cold weather. And just because we may not be laying on a beach does not mean that you don’t need to protect your skin from the sun. UV rays can still harm your skin on cold, cloudy days, make sure to buy lotions and chapsticks with SPF protection. 



Don’t let the colder winter months get you down. You just have to put a little extra effort in to maintain your hydrated, healthy skin, but the results are well worth it!